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EB Garamond Regular 105px

This is my page for fonts.

EB Garamond Regular 80px

As you may have figured out, this site is largely set in EB Garamond.

EB Garamond Regular 65px / EB Garamond Italic 65px

It's an open-source font based on the original forms of Claude Garamond and Robert Granjon.You can get it here.

EB Garamond Regular 35px

Although most free fonts are pretty crap, I like to think this one's quite good. In fact, Adobe has included it on their Adobe Fonts service beside paid fonts.

Speaking of free fonts, if you're into pixel art, I've made some pixel fonts:

EB Garamond Regular 24px

Ancient Computer Regular 34px

Atai Medium 34px

Northrup (all variants) 34px/60px/12px

Northrup Extended 34px

Northrup is a pixel font inspired by classic video games such as the Earthbound series. It boasts eight different variants, each representing one of five different optical sizes and two widths, and either a serif or sans-serif subset.

The main size, Northrup Extended, has a diverse set of features. It supports a wide range of languages, including the Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, and Inuit Syllabic scripts, and a diverse set of special characters, amounting to 1027 total glyphs.

It was developed for a game project of mine - but feel free to use it for what you want. Download all the sizes here.

EB Garamond Regular 20px / EB Garamond Italic 20px

There's also a bunch of quality free fonts by other people that I think are cool:

EB Garamond Regular 30px

Aileron Regular 34px

Archivo Regular 34px

Arciform Regular 34px

Anybody UltraCondensed Bold 34px

Besley Book 34px

Cabin Regular 34px

Cooper Hewitt Book 34px

DejaVu Sans Book 34px

DIN 1451 fette Breitschrift 1936 34px

Epilogue Regular 34px

Forum Regular 34px

Fraunces 72 SO50 Light 34px

Girassol Regular 34px

Glacial Indifference Regular 34px

Ibarra Real Nova Regular 34px

IBM 3270 Medium 34px

Jost Book 34px

Junicode Regular 34px

Junicode Condensed Regular 34px

Latin Modern Mono 10 Regular 34px

Latin Modern Roman 10 Regular 34px

League Gothic Regular 34px

League Spartan Bold 34px

Libre Baskerville Regular 34px

Libre Caslon Text Regular 34px

Marcellus Regular 34px

Marvin Visions Bold 34px

National Park Regular 34px

Pecita Book 34px

Playfair Display Regular 34px

Px437 Toshiba LCD 8x16 34px

Roadgeek Series C 34px

Routed Gothic Regular 34px

Rubik Regular 34px

Space Mono Regular 34px

Station Medium 34px

Techna Sans Regular 34px

TeX Gyre Adventor Regular 34px

Trispace UltraExpanded 34px

U001 Regular 34px

Volantene Script Regular 34px

Young Serif Regular 34px

Note that a few of these designs are basically similar-as-is-legal clones of paid fonts, like Arial is to Helvetica. They are marked with a †. If you have the money, please consider supporting the original designers.

If you want more passable free fonts, here's a good list of open-source type websites - I personally find The League of Moveable Type to be consistently high quality. The Lost Type Co-op also does great fonts that are free for personal use. If you're looking for more retro or pixelly stuff, the Oldschool PC Font Resource is handy.

EB Garamond Regular 20px / EB Garamond Italic 20px